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"With Christ at the centre, inspire, Believe and so achieve."

"Gyda Christ yn y canol, ysbrydoli, credu a chyflawni felly."

Croeso i Nursery a Reception

Welcome to the Nursery & Reception Class!


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We encourage parents/carers of Nursery and Reception children to follow our school on Twitter @StJoseRC1


Notifications regarding any additional links or suggested home learning activities uploaded to the website will be posted on Twitter.



Please have a look at some of the suggested Language & Literacy activities you could use to support your child at home.

Suggested Home Reading and Writing Activities

Here are some Numeracy activities that you can do at home too ...

Home activities for Numeracy


Here are some useful links to support your child’s learning at home.

This is only a selection so feel free to explore any others.





Lots of lovely activities in the Early Years section

Numberblock games for younger children


Lots of interactive resources to learn letter sounds

Games to support letter sound recognition

A fun musical game to help your child learn Nursery Rhymes

Search “little baby bum” on youtube for Nursery Rhymes, Counting Rhymes and songs

Nursery & Number Rhymes


A bank of free & useful learning resources


A lovely collection of play based activities that can be done at home

Great for outdoor learning/exploration



Oxford Owl - free e reading books

Oxford Owl - free e reading books 1


We totally understand that home schooling your children in these circumstances can be stressful and we ask that families of our Nursery and Reception pupils to try not to put too much pressure on themselves or their children. This is a difficult time for us all and right now their happiness and safety is top priority. Stay safe, have fun with them and enjoy your time as much as you can, if they see you being calm, it will help them so much more than seeing you being stressed about their school work.

I will support you in keeping your children “busy” and having fun (without really realising that a little bit of learning may have squeezed in).

You could enjoy one of these activities with your child every day if you want to.

I’ll upload new activities on the school website each week and tweet when anything new is on there. Please follow us on twitter @StJoseRC1 and reply to tweets so that we can keep in touch with you and the children.

Stay Safe


B. Godwin (Foundation Phase Leader)

Pirate's Love Underpants Activities

We’re going on a bear hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt! 1

Language & Literacy

In addition to the reading and writing skills ladder activities, some of these might be fun to try this week:

Share the story “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen.

If you don’t have the book at home, it doesn’t matter, follow this link for a retell of it ...

Encourage your child to listen to the story and join in with you.

Don’t forget the daily dough disco sessions at 9:30am & Play based story challenge at 1pm

(Search Spread the Happiness TV on YouTube)

Reception children can try to write an animal name. Ask them, what other hunt could we go on? Give them examples to choose from e.g. zebra/tiger/ladybird etc. Write the name or draw a picture of the animal you could hunt for.

Other children may enjoy mark making the animal patterns e.g. zebra stripes/leopard spots/giraffe’s wavy lines.



If you are able to go for a walk as your daily exercise, go on a ‘rainbow’ hunt. Look for rainbows in the windows of houses where you live. Help you child to count how many rainbows they can see? Choose a different route another day. Did we see more or less?

Around the house or in the garden you could see how many bears/soft toys you can find. Hide teddies and soft toys around the house for your child to find and count.

You could order the teddies, largest to smallest or even weigh them and put them in order of heaviest to lightest.

Try this link for a lovely Teddy Bear counting activity that the children enjoy:

Other Activity Ideas:


  • Use any boxes, tubes etc. that you would usually throw away to make junk model animals. Here's some examples to give you ideas;




  • Use your purple mash logins and draw a picture of an animal on purple mash. On mini mash all Nursery & Reception children have a tray they can save their work in. 
  • Have a "Teddy Bear's Picnic". You could have it at home on the living room carpet or enjoying the sunshine in your garden. Use the food you have and help your children "plan" the picnic. They could mark make/write lists of the food you need/ count how many teddies to take/how many sandwiches you'll need etc.
  • Make a "pretend" picnic with play dough food. I've included a play dough recipe for you below. Once made it will keep for months in the fridge in a sealed container.
  • Don't forget Joe Wickes for fun children's PE on YouTube (search The Body Coach) at 9 a.m weekdays.
  • A lovely rhyme for you to share which is linked to this week's book is "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around ... ". Follow the link and see if you can join in with some actions.


As always, please share photos with us on Twitter ... we love seeing what the children have been doing @StJoseRC1

Play Dough Recipe

2 cups plain flour

1 cup of salt

4 teaspoons cream of tatar

2 cups of boiling water

1 tablespoon of cooking oil

A few drops of food colouring

Watch this space for more links and activity ideas ...
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