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"With Christ at the centre, inspire, Believe and so achieve."

"Gyda Christ yn y canol, ysbrydoli, credu a chyflawni felly."

Croeso i Nursery a Reception

Welcome to the Nursery & Reception Class!


Parents and Carers please scroll down the page to see suggested learning activities from Wednesday January 6th 2021.


We encourage parents/carers of Nursery and Reception children to follow our school on Twitter @StJoseRC1


Notifications regarding any additional links or suggested home learning activities uploaded to the website will be posted on Twitter.



Please have a look at some of the suggested Language & Literacy activities you could use to support your child at home.

Suggested Home Reading and Writing Activities

Here are some Numeracy activities that you can do at home too ...

Home activities for Numeracy


Here are some useful links to support your child’s learning at home.

This is only a selection so feel free to explore any others.





Lots of lovely activities in the Early Years section

Numberblock games for younger children


Lots of interactive resources to learn letter sounds

Games to support letter sound recognition

A fun musical game to help your child learn Nursery Rhymes

Search “little baby bum” on youtube for Nursery Rhymes, Counting Rhymes and songs

Nursery & Number Rhymes


A bank of free & useful learning resources


A lovely collection of play based activities that can be done at home

Great for outdoor learning/exploration



Oxford Owl - free e reading books

Class Dojo


If you haven’t already contacted me for your child’s class dojo code please do so.
You can share pictures with me and I can give you information and I can also give your child dojo’s to support and encourage them with their learning at home.
Email for your child’s code.

Suggested activity ideas

(6th January 2021)





This week home learning will link to the story,

Snowball by Sue Hendra

6th January 2021

Language & Literacy


 Below are some activity ideas. You can choose one each day or just have a go at the ones you prefer.

- Talk to your child about story.  The story is a lovely opportunity to talk about friendship. Can they retell the story? Use the pictures to support them. Do they remember all the main parts of the story?

-Support your child in drawing his/her own “snowball” character. What could he wear to keep warm? Does he have a name? Support your child in writing a name for their character and perhaps they could even describe him.

- There will be a phonics challenge again this week. This time we’ll be introducing a new character! Keep an eye on ClassDojo on Thursday. Focus on the sounds ‘p’ & ‘g’

Go on a sound hunt at home using the same sounds. What can you find beginning with ‘p’ and ‘g’? You could hide things around the home ready for your child to find.

- Reception can continue to practice letter formation. You have been given correct letter formation sheets in the pack your child took home. Can they practicing copying their names using the name cards too? Nursery can practice their pre-writing skills. You have been given writing pattern practice sheets in the packs you've taken home. 

Read Write Inc Sound Card



White Rose Maths have produced home learning activities for younger children. Click the link for suggested activities based on similarities and differences.

The videos are useful to introduce the ideas to your children but please don’t feel you have to work though all the activities suggested. We appreciate you may not have a printer at home so below are some activity ideas which you can try using objects from around your home.

- Collect some pairs of socks. Now mix them up and see if you can find which socks match together. Ask your child; What do you notice about your socks? What is the same? What is different?

- Have a hunt around your home for some different sized lids. Can you draw around them on a piece of paper? Now mix your lids up and see if you can find the matching lid on your paper. Can you talk about the size and shape of each of your lids?

- Use the sheets that you’ve been given in your home pack to support your child with number formation and recognition. See if they can recognise the numbers to 5/10 and beyond if they need an extra challenge!

Religious Education


As we enter into a new year it is important to remember how we can help and support others. Action for kindness have produced a monthly calendar with ideas each day about how we can make ourselves and others around us happier. This is something you could do together as a family remembering the importance of how we treat others.




Here's a prayer you may like to share together at home.


Thank you for my family, For hugs and kisses and special times together.

Thank you for my friends, For laughter and chatting and sharing.

Thank you for my home, For rest times, bath times and bed times.

Thank you for food, For breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks and treats.

Thank you for playtimes, For toys and games and books.

Thank you for fun, For giggles and for silly happy times.

Thank you for making all these lovely things

And for helping me to enjoy them all.




Health & Wellbeing

There are lots of lovely 10 minute physical activities on the NHS website, which are aimed at younger children:

Try this one and see if you can catch the snowgies. You could do this indoors using a soft ball, balloon or balled up socks.








Expressive Arts                          Science & Technology


Sun-catchers made from ice are not only beautiful, but will help your child to understand the process of water freezing into ice. Spend some time outside gathering natural items to use in your sun-catchers. The more colourful the better. Examples: branches, berries, twigs, flowers, buds, leaves. Lay out a plastic lid, paper plate, pie plate or silicone mold to use as the mold for your sun-catcher. Fill the mold with water and add your natural elements to the water in any design of your choosing. Leave outside for a few hours or overnight to freeze. Gently remove the ice sun-catcher from the mold and hang from a tree branch or window sill. Share your photos with us on ClassDojo.








12 Days Wild is a mini Winter Challenge set up by the Wildlife Trusts, it is aimed at encouraging children and families to do one wild thing a day. Although the challenge is “officially” over for this year, lots of the activities are still very relevant and winter wildlife is still waiting to be explored! Your wild acts could be little things to help nature - like recycling your Christmas tree or feeding the birds – or ways to connect to the natural world, like walking off your Christmas goodies in the woods or admiring the beauty of a winter sunset. 


Click the link for lots of lovely ideas;


Play Dough Recipe

2 cups plain flour

1 cup of salt

4 teaspoons cream of tatar

2 cups of boiling water

1 tablespoon of cooking oil

A few drops of food colouring

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