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"With Christ at the centre, inspire, Believe and so achieve."

"Gyda Christ yn y canol, ysbrydoli, credu a chyflawni felly."

Croeso i Nursery a Reception

Welcome to the Nursery & Reception Class!



We encourage parents/carers of Nursery and Reception children to follow our school on Twitter @StJoseRC1


Notifications regarding any additional links or suggested home learning activities uploaded to the website will be posted on Twitter.



Please have a look at some of the suggested Language & Literacy activities you could use to support your child at home.

Suggested Home Reading and Writing Activities

Here are some Numeracy activities that you can do at home too ...

Home activities for Numeracy


Here are some useful links to support your child’s learning at home.

This is only a selection so feel free to explore any others.





Lots of lovely activities in the Early Years section

Numberblock games for younger children


Lots of interactive resources to learn letter sounds

Games to support letter sound recognition

A fun musical game to help your child learn Nursery Rhymes

Search “little baby bum” on youtube for Nursery Rhymes, Counting Rhymes and songs

Nursery & Number Rhymes


A bank of free & useful learning resources


A lovely collection of play based activities that can be done at home

Great for outdoor learning/exploration



Oxford Owl - free e reading books


We totally understand that home schooling your children in these circumstances can be stressful and we ask that families of our Nursery and Reception pupils to try not to put too much pressure on themselves or their children. This is a difficult time for us all and right now their happiness and safety is top priority. Stay safe, have fun with them and enjoy your time as much as you can, if they see you being calm, it will help them so much more than seeing you being stressed about their school work.

I will support you in keeping your children “busy” and having fun (without really realising that a little bit of learning may have squeezed in).

You could enjoy one of these activities with your child every day if you want to.

I’ll upload new activities on the school website each week and tweet when anything new is on there. Please follow us on twitter @StJoseRC1 and reply to tweets so that we can keep in touch with you and the children.

Stay Safe


B. Godwin (Foundation Phase Leader)

Class Dojo


If you haven’t already contacted me for your child’s class dojo code please do so.
You can share pictures with me and I can give you information and I can also give your child dojo’s to support and encourage them with their learning at home.
Email for your child’s code.

Suggested activity ideas for week beginning13th July 2020

Language & Literacy


If you don’t have “Elmer” at home, don’t worry, just click the link below and I’ll read the story to you.


Below are some activity ideas. You can choose one each day or just have a go at the ones you prefer.


Talk to your child about the story. Talk about the beginning, the middle and the end. Why Was Elmer sad? What did Elmer think would make him happy? This story is a lovely opportunity to talk about and celebrate differences. Some of our Reception children are having a social distanced rainbow picnic. Perhaps you could plan and have one at home too. We’d love you to share the pictures with us!


Play listening sound game 7 (letter sound phonics) with your child.


Focus on the sounds ‘s’ & ‘d’ this week.


Go on a sound hunt at home using the same sounds. What can you find beginning with ‘s’ and ‘d’? You could hide things around the home ready for your child to find.


Reception could practice sounding out simple words. Use the Read, Write Inc sound card below to support them. Choose simple words related to this week’s story e.g. red, sun, big, sad, boo.


I’ve set daily to dos on PurpleMash. If your child uses their login they should see them.


Practice name writing using the name card template.


Reading link -


Don’t forget the reading ladder activities and if you do need access to more books to support your child’s reading development, sign into:

username: Stjosephsrc

password: Reading


Look out for our Mystery Rhyme time on Tuesday & this weeks Rhyme Challenge on Wednesday.

It will be posted on Twitter @StJoseRC1




Read Write Inc Sound Card



Use the link below to White Rose Maths which gives you daily numeracy activities based on the story ‘How many legs?’ After clicking on the link, select week 12 w/c 13th July 2020 for the daily activities linked to this story.

Try this fun game about counting money too;


Religious Education


CAFOD have created home learning activities with the theme ‘Hope for the future’. Visit the website to have a look at the activities and click this link to a lovely colouring which you could do together.


Personal & Social

Looking after each other has never been more important for us all. Encourage your child to think of others by making a rainbow picture and giving it/sending it to someone who might need a bit of cheering up. 





Physical Development 


The NHS change for life have some fun physical activities which your children can enjoy at home. They offer simple 10 minute shake up activities to keep young children active. Click the link, this is a fun game based on the film “Finding Dory” that can be played indoors or out;


If you have a garden, it’s important for your children to spend lots of time outdoors, playing simple target games or throwing and catching are a few ideas for them to try.




Try to make rainbow craft at home with your children, look at the pictures for ideas.


As always, be creative and use whatever you have at home.  


I have set daily todos on PurpleMash. Use your child’s login and they should have an alert to join in with creative activities on there too.


Knowledge & Understanding

Let’s carry on making the most of our outdoor environments this week by exploring, collecting and creating. As you are in your garden or on spending time outdoors, collect lots of natural materials e.g. leaves, twigs, daisies etc. Encourage your child to make a picture using the natural materials they have collected.
Don’t forget to share the pictures with me on ClassDojo. Have a look at this for ideas;



Play Dough Recipe

2 cups plain flour

1 cup of salt

4 teaspoons cream of tatar

2 cups of boiling water

1 tablespoon of cooking oil

A few drops of food colouring

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