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"With Christ at the centre, inspire, Believe and so achieve."

"Gyda Christ yn y canol, ysbrydoli, credu a chyflawni felly."

Religious Education

 St Joseph's RC Primary School

           Come and See


Come and See is a Catholic Religious Education programme for primary schools.  The Come and See programme allows children to explore the teachings of Christ and the Catholic church through the use of age-appropriate resources and activities.  Each year group have their own list of focus topics which will be covered throughout the academic year and will coincide with the church calendar. 

At the heart of the Come and See programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ.  Throughout the academic year, children will be given opportunities to explore the mystery of faith through scripture and tradition and explore, discover and respond to the teachings of the Catholic church. 


God invites the children to Come and See

Children are able to Come and See the wonder of God’s creation and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Teachers facilitate the opportunities for children to Come and See



Jesuit Pupil Profile                     

St. Joseph's RC Primary School supports the development of the whole child through the adoption of the Jesuit Pupil Profile (as directed by the Archdiocese of Cardiff). The Pupil Profile is composed of 8 pairs of virtues that sum up what pupils (and staff) in our Catholic Schools should be living and how they should be learning, in keeping with our school mission ... " With Christ at the centre, Inspire, Believe and so Achieve."

The Jesuit tree of virtues is visible in every classroom and each half term, the children focus on a new pair of virtues. In their classes, the children and staff brainstorm what they believe are the actions and words of these virtues and the collective thoughts of our children about what these virtues mean to them.

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